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                                                                                                         2018 Artistic Director Istvan Eross



  A building created to give protection from bad weather, danger, or attack


Following the accelerated events of our world, it seems that the decisive task for the 21st century will be the radical transformation of perspectives and values. We live in a time when new ideologies are born that propose solutions to the challenges within this new millennium. More and more of us feel the need to disengage from the idea of continuous expansion and by adopting a longer-term perspective, to sketch out a sensible, sustainable vision of the future within a new ideological framework. In this quest for recourse, naturally, artists also seek and undertake an altered role. Many of them consider total life or nature as the scene of their activity instead of the within a specific creative industry. The strengthening of public art, street art, and the environmental art genres reveal the growing wishes of artists to move their work beyond a primarily gallery-based system. Thus, the artists working in natural environment are often led by the intension to improve society. While doing so, they inevitably resonate with a growing vision of an altered social, economic, and cultural environment. While entrusting the worlds aggressive rearrangement to the engineers of urban centres, they nevertheless relish time spent in a natural environment distant from the organized areas of geo-cultural politics, the „small gestures and the meditative experience of the process of creation.


In the light of the above mentioned thoughts, the participants of GNAB create artworks that follow a path opposed to the usual 20th century methods of nature-culture integration. Instead of migrating from rural spaces to the urban, they now create pieces while working within nature itself. Therefore, the aim of the GNAB 2018 is titled NATURE-PRIVATE SPACE-SHELTER. Within this title is an analysis of the confines of architecture and fine art and to experience the connection between these areas. As a secondary focus, the event aims to promote the creation of artworks that use the discourse about the context of the natural environment and a created personal space as their subject matter.


The Biennales organizers expect to receive the application of artists, architects, groups who are interested in nature; specifically in the problems posed by the use of organic materials within created sculptural and architectural spaces. Strong applications will be from those whose realized work is an important, cohesive act within what nature itself provides.

These key words give the participants the opportunity to expand the coherence of the perception of space, human scale and ecologically proportional systems and the relationship of natural materials and techniques.




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