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Biennale 2018
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Visitor Guide


※ Any organiztions or groups who need Exhibition Guide or any conveniences, please do a reservation.

※ The exhibition opens to the pubilc on weekends as well.
※ Please take a sneakers or hiking boots and casual outfits for appreciating outdoor exhibition.
※ Appreciating outdoor exhibition will take one and half an hour to two hours time

※ Exhibition area has no toilet to protect the Nature and maintain Cleanliness. (Please use the toilet in the parknig area.)

※ There are first-aid medicines and kits at the informaiton desk.
※ When you appreciating outdoor exhibition, please follow the exhibition map.


사단법인 한국자연미술가협회 - 야투 32530 충남 공주시 우성면 연미산고개길 98 (구) 충남 공주시 우성면 신웅리 산 26-3
KOREAN NATURE ARTISTS' ASSOCIATION - YATOO 32530, 98 Yeonmisangogae-gil, Useong-myeon, Gongju-si, Chungnam, Korea
Tel.  041-853-8828   Fax.  041-856-4336   E-mail.    A