International Cooperative Project

2019 글로벌노마딕아트프로젝트-멕시코 | Global Nomadic Art Project-Mexico 2019



2019 글로벌노마딕아트프로젝트-멕시코

Global Nomadic Art Project-Mexico 2019


주제 There : 삭베 - 화이트 로드 - 리비에라 마야 - 멕시코 SACBE - WHITE ROAD - RIVIERA MAYA - MEXICO

일정 Period : 2019. 1(Jan). 12 - 26 (15days)

장소 Places : 멕시코 푸에블로 삭베, 플라야 델 카르멘 일대 Pueblo SACBE, Playa del Carmen area, Mexico

디렉터 Director : 다니엘라 하우레기 Daniela Jauregui

참여자 Participants :

- Ko Seung-hyun (Korea)
- Ri Eung-woo (Korea)
- Kim Cabin (Korea)
- Szirtes János (Hungary)
- Erőss István (Hungary)
- Xiao Li (China/Japan)
- Feng Feng (China)
- Patrick Tagoe-Turkson (Ghana)
- Rumen Dimitrov (Bulgaria)
- Madaras Peter (Romania)
- Manabu Hangai (Japan)
- Sako (Satoko Kitamura) (Japan)
- F
red Martin (France)
- Piotr Korzeniowski (Poland)
- Elios Ali Hari Siliceo Lara (Mexico)
- Daniel Aguilar "Lirel" (Mexico)
- Mercedes Bautista (Spain/Mexico)
- Zoe Schott (Mexico)
- Renato Dorfman (Mexico)
- Luis Ramón Aguilar Castañeda (Mexico)


The purpose of the SACBE-RIVIERA MAYA- MEXICO 2019 project is to promote the connection that exists between man and habitable natural spaces.

In this sense Sac - Be, word in Mayan language is used to refer to the white limestone roads or "sascab" that are predominant in the region of Quintana Roo and Yucatan, so it becomes the starting point for the exploration of a new terrain for the group of nomadic artists from around the world.

A sacbe (sometimes written as zac be and pluralized as sacbeob or zac beob) is the Mayan word for the linear architectural features that connect communities throughout the Maya world.

Sacbeob functioned as roads, corridors, causeways, property lines and dykes. The word sacbe is translated as "stone path" or "white path", but clearly the sacbeob had additional layers of meaning for the Maya, such as mythological routes, pilgrimage routes and concrete markers of political or symbolic connections between the centers of the cities Some are mythological, underground routes and some celestial trails; evidence from these roads is reported in Mayan myths and colonial records.

This being the case, the community of Pueblo SAC- BE, a locality that encourages the relationship between Man - Nature - Art - Architecture - Aesthetics from its organization and philosophy; It is presented as the reference point of the beginning of the exploration as an ideal space for the realization of the project

The theme of realization of GNAP Mexico 2019, following the theme of the Bineal de Nature art 2018 in Corea will be the borderline that exists between art and architecture as sculpture and natural spaces as habitable temples, being the SACBEOBS the reference to the pilgrimage paths of the Mayan culture to establish connections between different cultures.

The riviera maya is an area where the two largest organisms of nature in the world converge: the tropical jungle and coral reefs, as a result there are incredible formations in nature, as well as being located on the rock where arrived the "chicxulub" or meteorite in Mayan language, thus being an area that contains one of the largest rocks of calcium and with more amazing formations.

Tropical jungles, flora, fauna, ancient Mayan cities, virgin beaches, turquoise waters, the fantasy and warmth of the tropics and the mystery of a legendary culture still alive in their town today are just some of the features that make this a perfect destination. In relation to the discipline of Land Art and Natural Art, we speak of an ecosystem full of possibilities to promote creative development at an artistic level.

To mention some of the tours we found: Deep Forest - Casas del arbol, Cozumel Island, Tulum archaeological, archaeological zone of Coba, towns of the Mayan zone, and Bacalar lagoon.

At the end of the project there will be a collective exhibition of the resulting works in a gallery in the town of Playa del Carmen.