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    This is the program of this year's Biennale event.

    Rewilding Exhibition Video Exhibition Cube Exhibition Nature Art System

    Again, Multiplicities of Rewilding Exhibition

    ‘Again, Multiplicities of Rewilding Exhibition' consists of an outdoor exhibition in the forest of Yeonmisan Mountain and an indoor exhibition at Geumgang Nature Art Center. This exhibition aims to search for discourses on new 'natures', rewilding and multiplicities in social, cultural, and artistic dimensions toward nature-friendly, restorative, healing works for future visions of nature art and new recovery of art ecology, which is based on the 40-year history of nature art by YATOO.

    Exhibition ThemeAgain, Multiplicities of Rewilding
    Exhibition PeriodOutdoor Exhibition: August 27 - November 30, 2022
    Indoor Exhibition: August 27 - October 31, 2022
    Exhibition VenuesYeonmisan Nature Art Park, Geumgang Nature Art Center
    Artists23 Teams (26 Artists) from 10 Countries
    Outdoor ExhibitionAmarsaikhan NamsraijavMongolia
    Anni Snyman, PC Janse van Rensburg South Africa
    Bettino FranciniItaly
    Hanna KyselovaUkraine
    Hong,Lee HyunsukKorea
    Hur JinkwonKorea
    Kelly GofUSA
    Kim DoheeKorea
    Kinga KovácsRomania/Hungary
    Na hyunKorea
    Rajeshkumar ParmarIndia
    Roger RigorthGermany
    Teneul ThierryFrance
    Yoon Jinsup / OrderKorea
    Hur KangKorea
    Hwang SungjoonKorea
    Kim KichulKorea
    Group Project - Mongolia
    (Chinzorig Ryenchin-ochir, Luvsandorj Ragchaa, Munkhzul Mazin)
    Indoor ExhibitionCha Kiyoul Korea
    Hong Ilhwa Korea
    Jeoung Jaechoul Korea
    Kang Soolsaeng Korea
    Yong Haesook Korea

    Nature Art Video Exhibition ‘Forest and Life’

    As a symbol of nature, forest is a place where lives are conceived and growing. Forest awakes human beings to the precious value of living together with nature. Forest provides us with endless energy and products. The fresh air, clean water, fertile soil, trees and fruits that grow in the forest, and all sorts of animals who inhabit there, naturally live together in harmony. In the beginning, it must be the peaceful world where everything was growing and flourishing based on this harmony. That must be the cosmos where everything from apex predators to subordinate invisible microorganism was complying with the laws of nature. However, the advance of human cognitive ability, natural science, and industries objectified nature and destroyed forest under the guise of forest development. As human’s desire made a mistake of going against the laws of nature, human beings faced the fatal revenge from nature in other way around. Such severe natural disasters or an unheard-of pandemic could be self-contradiction of humans who went against the laws of nature. For some reason, the bees that should spread pollen have recently vanished. This is the result of destroying the ecosystem. In the ecosystem, all the lives form their own balance and homeostasis in the process of being born, growing, and extincting. This process does not just mean simple changes in physical aspect. There is a death in a birth while a new life dwells in an extinction. Forest has the water, air, and soil that vitalize every life, so it not only gives a life to human, but also heals, comforts, and shelters exhausted humans. It is so natural that we forget its value. If a single little movement is stopped, lost, or artificially manipulated, a massive hardship would be caused in human life.

    The Geumgang Nature Art Biennale has broadened the horizons of nature art by handling various discourses on nature and ecology. The theme of this year is ‘rewilding’, which begins from a thought of cognizing nature again as the wild state. Beyond the passive and artificial attitude of handling nature as an object of protection or management, it aims to experience the sound of nature as it is and also to dream of its recovery. It would be necessary to look back on our attitude of invading and locking up nature based on our limited thinking. The destroyed forest for building a dam in a river for the smooth supply of water for agriculture, and installing the photovoltaic power generation system for the reduction of carbon emission, ciceronically tells us our mistake. It takes an unbelievably long time to restore the ecosystem and lives whose habitat has been destroyed by logging or forest fire.

    The tasks we have might include discovering lives from nature we destroyed, finding some unexpected sounds or figures of lives in nature, harmonizing with nature based on them, inviting the lives who left the forest because of human’s desire, and helping the forest conceive new and healthy lives. Such tasks could just end up in an ideological flow, but we can simply start participating in dialogues with nature by thinking and experiencing after stopping for a moment in the complex and busy reality. Under this purpose, the theme of the Video Exhibition is ‘Forest and Life’. Hopefully, this could be a chance to expand the discourse of rewilding through video languages to find, experience, and share various secret stories of healthy lives in forest ecology and nature.

    Exhibition PeriodAugust 27 - November 30, 2022
    Exhibition VenuesNeulbom Botanical Garden
    Artists50 Teams (51 Artists) from 24 Countries
    ArtistsAda Tsiropoulou / Greeceles Fujak_Olivier Huet, Margrit Neuendorf / France, Germany
    Agnes Deil / HungaryMaria Matyja-Rozpara / Poland
    Aleksei Martyniuk / RussiaMarine Brossard / France
    Alvaro Aroca Cordova / ChileMatilde Marín / Switzerland/Argentina
    Anke Mellin / GermanyMerja Herzog-Hellstén / Finland/Germany
    Bengisu Uykusu / TurkeyMoritz Dornauf / Germany
    Benna Gaean Maris / StatelessNasim Mahdavi / Iran
    Bill Hill / USANina Sumarac / Serbia
    Blond Jenny / KoreaOng Leang Ren / Singapore
    Endre Gaál / HungaryPark Juyoung / Korea
    Fereshteh Alamshah / IranPaul Druecke / USA
    Hael Yxxs / GermanyPaulina Seguin Luna / Mexic
    Hu Jiamin / ChinaPeter J.M. Schneider / Germany
    Ilse Dreher / GermanyPierre Guilloteau / France
    Jean-Michel Rolland / FranceRobin Lasser / USA
    Johannes C. Gerard / Netherlands/GermanySandor Nagy / Hungary
    Julien Masson / FranceShivkumar K V / India
    Karim Alahkhani / IranStrijdom van der Merwe / South Africa
    Kim Dokyoung / KoreaThan / Korea
    IKo Seunghyun/ KoreaTomaz Hipólito / Portugal
    Laura Denning / UKToshihiko Shibuya / Japan
    Lee Jeongeun / KoreaToûa Heinonen / Finland
    Lee Malyong / KoreaWang Haoyu / China
    Leli Hoch/ Germany/South AfricaYing Chen / Taiwan
    Leonard Rachita / FranceYu Buck / Korea

    Nature Art Cube Exhibition

    《Nature Art Cube Exhibition》, which has been conducted as one of the indoor exhibitions of 《 Geumgang Nature Art Biennale》 since 2017, is a program that seeks to interpret and broaden awareness of nature in various ways of thinking and expression in a 12cm cube. In fact, dealing with nature in a limited space is not as easy as you might think, but on the other hand, because it is a limited space, paradoxically, you may be able to show more imagination.

    Although the theme of this bienneale ‘Rewilding’ is an ecological concept, it is a concept that extends beyond ecology to the realm of the human psyche. It is an attitude that seeks to restore nature, which has been objectified by rational thinking, into the ever-changing, natural ecosystem. It aims at wildlife and species diversity, which are attributes of natural ecology. On the other hand, the fusion of the realms of nature, humans, and society seen in these projects reminds us of the state of 'chaosmose', which means the mutual penetration of chaos and cosmos. The chaos of nature and the order of society are revealing the languages interpenetrated by the artists' unconscious. The frame of the cube is a constraining condition that can objectify nature, but we hope that it will be dismantled and spread as a field of expanded exploration of nature art through more free imagination and mutual penetration in the future.

    Exhibition Theme12x12x12+Nature
    Exhibition PeriodJune 1 - August 10, 2022
    Exhibition VenueGeumgang Nature Art Center
    ArtistsOver 200 Artists around the world
    Artists 2022Ahn Hyeondae / KoreaKim Wonkee / Korea
    Alexandra Tecu / RomaniaKo Seunghyun / Korea
    Anca Ion / SpainKwon Sangwon / Korea
    Aneli Sošić / CroatiaLee Chaeyun / Korea
    Anja Mattila-Tolvanen / FinlandLee Dahyun / Korea
    Annabella Hofmann / GermanyLee Dayeon / Korea
    Arezu Zargar / IranLee Gayoung / Korea
    Audhia Pramatha Putri / IndonesiaLee Inhee / Korea
    Ayşe Tülay / TurkeyLee Jeongeun / Korea
    Bara Lehmann-Schulz / GermanyLee Jeongmin / Korea
    Bartosz Fraczek / PolandLee Jongok / Korea
    Beata Bugaj-Tomaszewska / PolandLee Joonhyung / Korea
    Beatrisa Dimchenko / RussiaLee Juyoung / Korea
    Beatriz Villegas Cruz / MexicoLee Yeonseo / Korea
    Bengü Batu Ertung / TurkeyLena Todorova / Bulgaria
    Bernd Halbherr / GermanyLim Hyeok / Korea
    Bhupendra K. Asthana / IndiaLorna Green / UK
    Birgitta Volz / GermanyLyu Junghee / Korea
    Carla Piacenza / ArgentinaMagdalena Salome / Poland
    Charlotte Geister / GermanyManisha Kumari / India
    Chee Yeonshin / KoreaMarcin Marciniak / Poland
    Cheon Youngrok / KoreaMargarita Simovska / Macedonia
    Cho Eunran / KoreaMaria Matyja-Rozpara / Poland
    Choi Jeongjae / KoreaMarian Martínez González / Spain
    Chun Yoonseo / KoreaMelquiades Rosario Sastre / Puerto Rico
    Chung Hyeyeon / KoreaMilena Milosevic / Mexico/Serbia
    Claudia Aranovich / ArgentinaMónica Hernández / Mexico
    Daniel Aguilar / MexicoMoon Jihyeok / Korea
    David Adulmar / CroatiaNobushige Kono / Japan
    David Atanasoski / MacedoniaNoh Teho / Korea
    Dheeraj Yadav / IndiaOh Euiseok / Korea
    Dóra Anna Szepesi / HungaryPark Chejoung / Korea
    Dorota Banaszek / PolandPark Hyeonmin / Korea
    Elizaveta Letiusheva / RussiaPark Injin / Korea
    Fatima Ali Laval / MexicoPark Jinkyoung / Korea
    Fernando Cardenas / MexicoPark Joumeok / Korea
    Gina Hartmann / USAPark Kyounghee / Korea
    Gu Yunji / KoreaGu Yunji / Korea
    Ham Hyeju / KoreaPark Yongkue / Korea
    Han Heesun / KoreaPatrick Tagoe-Turkson / Ghana
    Hanie Khodabandelu / IranPaulina Seguin Luna / Mexico
    Hans Peter Ploner / ItalyPetyo Georgiev / Bulgaria
    Heidi Lichtenberger / GermanyPolina Abina / Russia/Ukraine
    Hetty de Boer-Blonk / NetherlandsRenata Salikhova / Russia
    Hiristea Cosmin / RomaniaSandor Nagy / Hungary
    Hur Jinkwon / KoreaSandra Lima e Silva / Brazil
    Ilse Dreher / GermanySarah Klešin / Croatia
    Isabelle Aubry / FranceSeo Yeokyoung / Korea
    Ishchik Evgeniia / RussiaSharla Calista Putri / Indonesia
    Iwa Kruczkowska-Król / PolandShin Jihwon / Korea
    Jang Yoseob / KoreaShivkumar K V / India
    Jang Younju / KoreaSim Kyoungbo / Korea
    Jelena Jovančov / MontenegroSokolova Daria / Russia
    Jeon Yongjin / KoreaSoloveva Anna / Russia
    Jette Mellgren / DenmarkSon Minkwang / Korea
    Joel Thepault / FranceSong Chaeyeong / Korea
    Johannes C. Gerard / Netherlands/GermanySotos Alexiou / Greece
    Joo Misook / KoreaSul Jeongok / Korea
    Juris Efneris / LatviaTania Verhasselt / Belgium
    Kim Cuunsuk / KoreaTanja Major / Germany
    Kim Dokyoung / KoreaTheodora Scurtu / Romania
    Kim Hanui / KoreaThomas Kerscher / Germany
    Kim Hyesik / KoreaTsai Chih-Fen / Taiwan
    Kim Hyunmi / KoreaTzvetelina Maximova / Bulgaria
    Tzvetelina Maximova / BulgariaUros Uscebrka / Mexico/Serbia
    Kim Jeeun / KoreaUrsula Pahnke-Felder / Germany
    Kim Jihyun / KoreaUte Licht / Germany
    Kim Joowan / KoreaValentin Bakardjiev / Bulgaria/Netherlands
    Kim Kyoungryang / KoreaValentina Stefanescu / Romania
    Kim Minkyu / KoreaWaltraud Munz-Heiliger / Germany
    Kim Sion / KoreaYang Taegeun / Korea
    Kim Soonim / KoreaYannis Koutsouradis / Netherlands/Greece
    Kim Soonsun / KoreaYeo Heeone / Korea
    Kim Suhong / KoreaZachiniaeva Elizaveta / Russia

    YATOO Nature Art Four Seasons Workshop

    Period January 1 - November 30
    PlaceYATOO International Residence, Geumgang River and so on
    ContentNature Art Workshop based on the methodology of YATOO’s Nature Art

    Artist Presentation

    PeriodAugust 8 - 11
    Place: Supsokmaru at Yeonmisan Nature Art Park
    ContentArtists’ presentation and discussion during the artwork production period

    Nature Art Seminar

    Datein October, 2022 / 14:00 - 16:00
    PlaceSupsokmaru at Yeonmisan Nature Art Park
    TopicRewilding and Challenge of Nature Art
    Presentation - 고승현 (금강자연미술비엔날레 운영위원장) “금강자연미술비엔날레의 비전과 과제”
    - 정길상 (국립생태원 생태조사연구실 실장) “인간사회와 생태적인 문제”
    - 박윤조 (이화여자대학교 강사) “생태미술, 생태적 사유를 통한 비가시적 관계들에 대한 재인식”
    - 양지윤 (대안공간 LOOP 디렉터) “예술적 실천으로서 에코페미니즘”
    Discussion - 김성호 (안양공공미술프로젝트 예술감독)
    - 이선종 (국립생태원 전시기획운영실 실장)
    - 조관용 (2022 창원조각비엔날레 총감독)
    - 홍현숙 (2022 금강자연미술비엔날레 참여작가)
    Moderator허 강(중부대학교 교수)
    14:00 - 14:05인사말고승현
    (금강자연미술비엔날레 운영위원장)
    14:05 - 14:20전시개념 소개김찬동
    (2022 금강자연미술비엔날레 총감독)
    "재야생과 자연미술"
    14:20 - 14:40발제1고승현
    (금강자연미술비엔날레 운영위원장)
    "금강자연미술비엔날레의 비전과 과제"
    14:40 - 15:00발제2정길상
    (국립생태원 생태조사연구실 실장)
    "인간사회와 생태적인 문제"
    15:00 - 15:20발제3박윤조
    (이화여자대학교 강사)
    "생태미술, 생태적 사유를 통한 비가시적 관계들에 대한 재인식"
    15:20 - 15:40발제4양지윤
    (대안공간 LOOP 디렉터)
    "미술 실천으로서 에코 페니미즘"
    15:40 - 15:55휴식고승현(금강자연미술비엔날레 운영위원장)
    15:50 - 16:30종합질의 및 토론발제1 토론자 : 김성호(안영공공예술프로젝트 7 예술감독)
    발제2 토론자 : 이선종(국립생태원 전시기획운영실 실장)
    발제3 토론자 : 조관용(2022 창원조각비엔날레 총감독)
    발제4 토론자 : 홍이현숙(2022 금강자연미술비엔날레 참여작가)

    ※ 주관 : (사)한국자연미술가협회-야투/ 주최 : 공주시 / 후원 : 충청남도 / 협력 : 국립생태원